Robotic and Hard Tool Welding:

GMAW or Gas Metal Arc Welding
  (Commonly referred to as MIG or ARC)

SAW or Submerged Arc Welding
  (Also known as Sub Arc)

ERW or Electric Resistance Welding
  (Commonly referred to as Resistance, Spot,
  Projection or Seam Welding)
GTAW or Tungsten Insert Gas
  (Also known as TIG Welding)

Farr Automation provides high quality welding systems that fit your needs. Each system whether it is robotic, hard tool or fixed is designed around your requirements while providing maximum flexibility. We will never tell you to “Make your part fit”. All engineering, machining, assembly and controls are done in-house at Farr Automation.

Let us offer a complete Turn-Key solution for your system by providing you with Manipulators / Positioners, Fixturing, Enclosures and Smoke, or Fume, Collection and Filtration.

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